Board of Directors

Padek is legally governed by its Board of Directors, which consists of 5 members, including one chair, one treasurer and 3 ordinary members. The Board of Directors is responsible for advising and overseeing Padek’s operational and strategic direction, and for monitoring organizational performance and the effective use of resources (financial and staffing resources).

Executive Director

The Executive Director assumes overall management responsibility for the entire organization. The Executive Director reports directly to the Board of Directors on Padek’s operations, financial position and resources, and works closely with the Senior Management Team to ensure the organization is meeting its vision, mission and objectives.

Program Committee

The Program Committee assesses all new programs and projects being considered by the Senior Management Team and ensures they align with the organization’s vision, mission, goals and objectives as outlined in Padek’s Strategic Plan 2013-2016. Recommendations are provided to senior management on program design and implementation. The Program Committee meets every three months and consists of senior managers, the Program Support Unit staff, and the Area Support Unit team leaders.

Senior Management Team

Padek’s Senior Management Team (SMT) consists of the Executive Director and other senior management staff – the Program Coordinator (Program Support Unit), the Finance and Administrative Coordinator and the Human Resources Coordinator. The SMT is responsible for the day-to-day management of staff and Padek’s program activities. The SMT assists the Executive Director in setting the organizational vision, mission, goals and strategic direction.

The SMT also provides overall guidance, assistance and support to all staff and field offices to ensure the effective operation of the organization.

Program Units

Padek has three program units that are situated in Padek’s central office in Phnom Penh. These units consist of the Program Support Unit, the Finance and Administrative Unit, and the Human Resources Unit. All units work closely with the Executive Director, the Senior Management Team and field offices. The Program Support Unit consists of the Program Coordinator and six staff (Program Managers and Program Officers) with expertise in gender, livelihoods enhancement, disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation, community savings and microfinance, and monitoring and evaluation. The Program Support Unit has overall responsibility for the planning, delivery and management of Padek’s development programs and activities. The Unit provides essential support to the field offices such as project monitoring, reporting and evaluation, training activities, management support, and engagement with local authorities and target beneficiaries. The Program Support Unit has direct contact to the Executive Director and also works closely with the Financial and Administrative Unit and field staff. The Financial and Administrative Unit has overall responsibility for the business operations and administrative management of Padek. The Finance and Administrative Unit has

specific responsibility for administration and office management, logistics, and financial management and accounting tasks. The Financial and Administrative Coordinator takes overall responsibility for financial strategic planning and management, and reports directly to the Executive Director. The Human Resources Unit is responsible for human resources management and the provision of employee services for the organization. The Unit provides support in recruitment, performance management, employee relations, staff benefits, and learning and development. The Human Resources Unit consists of a Human Resources Coordinator and Human Resources Assistant who work together to oversee the day-to-day HR tasks of the organization. The Human Resources Coordinator is directly responsible for HR strategic planning and management, and reports directly to the Executive Director.

Area Support Units

Padek has five field offices or Area Support Units (ASUs) that are based in our target provinces of Prey Veng, Kratie, Kompong Speu, Oddar Meanchey and Siem Reap. Each ASU is managed by a Team Leader who is responsible for the coordination and implementation of Padek’s programs and projects in the target area, as well as the day-to-day management of the ASU office. Each Team Leader is supported by project officers and field staff, a finance and administration staff member, and other support staff. The ASUs receive regular support and guidance from the central office.