A Cambodian society where people live in harmony, self-reliance, gender equity and no poverty.


To support the formation of poor and very poor groups within communities, meeting regularly to save and make decisions collectively, building trust, confidence, and a social safety net. To improve livelihood of poor and very poor communities through promoting and supporting on- and off-farm initiatives. To support and actively encourage environment conservation and natural resources management. To foster the ability of the community to mitigate the impact of natural disaster and climate change through creative disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation initiatives. To promote gender equity and diversity through the inclusion of outcome targets across all programs and pro-active networking. To support the engagement of citizens with government authorities at sub-national and national levels; this includes close collaboration with relevant government institutions.


To improve living conditions of the most vulnerable and extreme poor households by supporting community savings, livelihood enhancement, disaster resilience and people’s participation in government and gender equity.


Underpinning all of Padek’s work, we believe that: Involving local communities in the design and implementation of program activities encourages ownership and responsibility, leading to sustainable development Strengthening trust and solidarity within the community leads to greater efficiency and effectiveness of programs and initiatives Building the capacity of individuals to identify problems within their community and to find solutions enables the organisation and communities to respond appropriately to local needs Prioritising gender equity and diversity, good governance, participation, and advocacy as cross-cutting program issues ensures an holistic approach to sustainable development Providing best-practice transparent program support ensures the organisation remains accountable to our beneficiaries, donors and partners.