Padek strives to achieve an equitable, peaceful, self-reliant society and to address poverty reduction through an integrated rural development approach.

In 2012 Padek developed a new strategic direction and program objectives in response to the changing needs of communities, donor assessments, and the altered social, economic and political situation in Cambodia. This will ensure that Padek remains an important organization in supporting sustainable community development in Cambodia.

Over 2013-2016 Padek’s work will be based on involvement, cooperation and networking. PICDM is no longer the cornerstone of our work. However, principles underpinning our previous programs will remain important. These are: building trust and solidarity within the community, supporting and encouraging community members to build the ability to solve problems within their community and facilitating the creation of a self-funded safety net for the poor and very poor.

Padek’s vision, mission and goal for 2013-2016 are:

Vision: A Cambodian society where people live in harmony, self-reliance, gender equity and no poverty.


• Support formation of poor and very poor groups within communities meeting
• Improved livelihoods of poor and very poor communities through promoting and
• Support and actively encourage environment conservation and natural resources
• Foster the ability of the community to mitigate the impact of natural disaster
• Promote gender equity and diversity through the inclusion of outcome targets
• Support the engagement of citizens with government authorities at sub-national regularly to save and make decisions collectively, building trust, confidence, and a social safety net. supporting on- and off-farm initiatives. management. and climate change through creative disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation initiatives. across all programs and pro-active networking. and national level; this includes close collaboration with relevant government institutions.

Goal: To improve living conditions of the most vulnerable and extreme poor households by supporting community savings, livelihood enhancement, disaster resilience and people‘s participation in governance and gender equity.


Padek Strategic Plan 2013-2016 focuses on four key components:

1. Component 1 – Saving Communities

Facilitate the creation of a self-funded safety net for the poor and very poor through regular voluntary saving within groups in village communities. This is a significant change in the Padek approach from the previous strategic plans as Padek will move away from creating and supporting Self-Help Groups (SHG) focused on WCA-funded loans for livelihoods. Instead, Padek will support a model of community group-based savings-led microfinance (SLM). This Padek SLM model will be known as ‘Savings Communities’.

For more information on ‘Savings Communities’ refer to ‘Our Sectors’ pages

2. Component 2 – On-farm and off-farm livelihoods

Build knowledge, technical skills and resources for the identification, financing and implementation of on-farm and off-farm livelihood options, to increase household wellbeing. Activities to improve livelihoods – on-farm and off-farm – will contain technical elements of our previous programs, but the formation of Self-Help Groups is no longer the primary objective. However, collective approaches to solving common problems remain one important tool in the new strategy. The Padek team will be facilitators and networkers, and will use the knowledge gained from the farmer’s own experiences.

For more information on ‘Savings Communities’ refer to ‘Our Sectors’ pages

3. Component 3–Disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation

To reduce livelihood and economic risks for target communities resulting from natural hazards and disasters, including adapting to the effects of climate change. Through well- established and trusted relationships with poor and very poor communities, Padek will deliver a comprehensive program of disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation and post-disaster emergency assistance.

For more information on ‘Savings Communities’ refer to ‘Our Sectors’ pages

4. Component 4 – Governance and program management

Provide best-practice transparent program support with maximum accountability to targeted communities. Padek believes that open, transparent and best-practice governance and program management is essential to achieving effective outcomes.

To download a copy of our Strategic Plan 2013-2016, click here.